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Medical Billing Services

MBP is a professional medical billing company offering billing services for medical and naturopathic doctors and practitioners. We provide effective, professional medical claims processing to help practitioners eliminate the drudgery associated with electronic insurance claims.

With our services you’ll increase profits while you expand your practice.
We deliver:

  • Quicker reimbursement rates
  • Reduced aged receivables
  • Minimize office expenses
  • Improve average per visit returns
  • Improve cash flow

Accounts Receivable Management

Our team is responsible for making sure your aged receivables are under control. We pursue any delayed, denied or underpaid claims. Our objective is to collect as much potential revenue as possible by continual review of your aged receivables so your balances owed are at a minimum. Your reimbursements are routinely managed and reviewed to assure that every dollar is accounted for.

Medical Coding Review and Assistance

Without proper medical coding of all ICD-9 and CPT's, insurance companies won’t reimburse you. Medical coding must be input properly on claims forms in order to ensure maximum reimbursements for your services. Our medical coding specialists are experts at reviewing the codes that you’ve provided and assuring that they are billed correctly. Insurance companies, especially Medicare, will not reimburse you unless you prove medical necessity. Our team of specialists makes sure you get paid. We check and re-check all medical coding on each and every claim form submitted.

Generating Reports

We generate all types of financial reports so that you have the detailed information necessary to run your practice. We can provide you with summarized or detailed reports across all levels which can include reports such as individual patient reports, submitted claims reports, receivables reports and many other customized reports you may require.