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Medical Billing Staff

Medical Billing Professionals has always prided itself on providing quality, personalized service as at a reasonable rate. The company is known for slow, steady growth – resulting in a current client base of anesthesiologists, assistant surgeons, surgical assistants, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and general medicine, family practice, acupuncture, laser therapists, registered nurses, physician assistants, pain management, internal medicine and orthopedic surgeons.

Our professional staff members include:

Jeannie C.
Has an Associates Degree in Marketing and 3 years towards business & management with a minor in nursing. Her work experience includes ten years as a Medical Record Supervisor at UCHSC and Rose Medical Center. She has years of experience in collections, accounts receivable, insurance follow-up and auditing. She also has ten years of experience as a Merchandise/Buyer for Safeway and PACE. Jeannie is President of Medical Billing Professionals and has been with the company for nearly 25 years.

Staci S.
Has been doing medical billing for sixteen years specializing in surgical assisting billing. She is Vice President of Medical Billing Professionals. She trains employees and supervises surgical assisting billing.

Kati W.
Specializes in surgical assisting, chiropractic, and physical therapy billing. She is responsible for electronic claims submission to Medicaid and our commercial carrier, ENS, in Colorado Springs, CO. She handles patient calls and has been with the company sixteen years. She is the office manager.

Jeanne R.
Proofs health insurance claim forms and submits them to insurance carriers. She organizes and files all collection and paid claims. Her other duties include working insurance company denials, managing w-9 and licensing of providers. She has been with the company for over 15 years.

John B.
Interfaces with insurance carriers to reprocess incorrect payments and follows up with insurance companies to assure our providers receive correct reimbursement. He calls patients regarding past due bills and handles pre-collection calls before the accounts go to our agency. He oversees inventory and sends out patient billing statements monthly. John has been with the company for ten years.

Jim S.
Calls insurance carriers and has them reprocess incorrect payments. He prepares claims for transmittal to Medicare and ENS. He processes paper work for medical record release for attorneys and is responsible for processing checks and e.o.b.s. for the banks. Jim communicates with hospitals to obtain requested operative reports, insurance clarifications and address changes required to appeal claims. Medical Billing Professionals is on-line with numerous hospitals to gain assistance with address changes, verification of correct insurance details and obtaining operative reports. Jim has been with the company for seven years.